VINUM AD HOC Import Export aims to identify, through research, good quality Italian and foreign wines and to promote their export making their brand name known on the international market using dynamic and effective marketing. Their main aim is to put high quality wines on the market, identifying them as “Top Quality Wines”, trying to ensure the most competitive price possible. V.A.H. is continually challenging itself so it can find the best wines and the best producers to include in its selection.
V.A.H. is always exploring new territories so it can, in time, offer an interesting and varied selection to its clients.
The distribution of the selected wines by V.A.H. is efficient and as economic as possible, taking into consideration the different type of transport, sea, air, rail ,road and all that concerns the delivery to the client. Our clients orders are handled quickly and carefully with particular regard to the customer’s individual requests. V.A.H. feels the responsibilty it has towards the environment in which it works, the earth, light, water and air are considered fundamental elements for a good quality wine, so everything is done to sustain them.