Vinum Ad Hoc S.r.l. Import Export (VAHSrl) was born in 2013 in aiming to identify which mission through research, quality wines Italian and foreign, and to promote their exports, making known their mark on the international market through a marketing focused, dynamic and effective at the same time.
The main objective is to offer high-quality wines, trying to ensure the most competitive price possible, from the territories, producers and varietals that are not supported by the traditional distribution networks.
V.A.H. LTD puts herself continually in discussion in order to select only the best wines and the best producers to include in its portfolio, ensuring an efficient and economic distribution.
In this company always exploring new territories to settle, over time, a strong and diverse supplier base; Trentino Alto Adige, Piedmont, Lazio and Abruzzo are the Italian regions who see the referents VAH LTD more active and present.
Customer orders are handled promptly and accurately, with particular regard to the specific individual customer requests.
The marketing of the products of the earth, makes VAH LTD aware of the importance that have elements like earth, water, light and air, and is the guarantor of respect for them by the producers of quality wines.